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Haven Island Oyster knives have been designed with full-time shuckers and oyster lovers in mind. Each durable knife features our logo laser-engraved on a solid hardwood handle with a stainless steel blade - perfect for shucking oysters by the dozen. This Frenchman-style knife features a stainless steel guard at the base of the blade, making shucking injuries a distant memory!

HIO Shucker

    • Blade: 7cm long
    • Overall length: 15cm 
    • Stainless steel guard at base of blade
    • Stainless steel blade
    • Solid hardwood handle
    • Plastic blade protector
  • Hand washing of your HIO Shucker with warm soapy water and immediately fully drying with a towel is recommended (this knife does not like to be cleaned in the dishwasher sorry).

    You can use a food-safe butcher block oil on the wood handle if you have the time...or need an excuse to get out of cleaning-up the kitchen after your oyster feast!

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